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CryoTech Rebranding

05 | 14

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Time to Change




CryoTech had been successfully introduced to the market as an environmentally friendly solution to traditional refrigeration units.

This positioning worked well in Northern European countries with an embedded focus on the environment. For the whole of Europe,

Thermo King felt it was key to stress other economically beneficial factors, such as longer shelflife and lower logistics costs and the fact that the unit is very low noise, making night delivery possible. That is when Thermo King approached us for a rebranding linked to a repositioning of their CryoTech product.



Blondé created a new, fresh look for the CryoTech brand, combined with an activating tagline ’Time to change’ to capture the immediate benefits of switching to a CryoTech unit. For each target group the 4 benefits were interpreted differently, not only by using the appropriate image accompanied by targetted copy, but also by creating meaningful, research supported infographics. The rebranding was promoted with a range of marketing material: Advertising, two commercial brochures, banners and posters, merchandising and a road show with trucks and trailers featuring the key benefits. These trucks can be seen on the roads throughout Europe.


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